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Live Dance Series

This past Saturday, we hosted Ishtar (our very own Bellyrock band in the Burgh) for the first installment of our live music and dance series. Ishtar rocked the house as usual and made every dancer shine. We were fortunate to have so many talented musicians and dancers in one space!

I was able to test out my new super fan in a taxim provided by Melissa Murphey of Ishtar. I also was incredibly honored to open the show with my ladies, Troupe Faraatha, who danced with passion and enthusiasm! Following Troupe Faraatha was Hamsin, led by Maria Hamer performing an incredible saidi number. Solo dancers filled in the rest of the night…keeping us on the edge of our seats! We were proud to host Elizabetta, Nehir, Hakan, Maria Hamer, Christine Andrews, Emily, and myself!