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Spring Recital 2017

We had an incredible performance and attendance at our last recital, Spring Solos! So many of our dancers performed for their first time while others showcased the solo performance he or she had been working on for the past half of a year. All in all, it was a day to remember and cherish!

Welcome to Art in Motion Pittsburgh’s

2017 Spring Recital | May 20, 2017


Samba solo by Emily Marrara

Gafieira he and me, featuring Jasmine, Jaiya, Julianna, Emily, Lavinia, Emma, George, Ed, Danilo, Lucas , Damany, and Ronnell

Tahitian Otea, featuring Emily, Jeannine, Noreen, Shanna, Shayla and Sheela

Frevo, featuring Sofia, Roselyn, Savanna, Risa, Laila, and Violet

Samba solo by Crystal

Tap solo by Cindy

Kizomba duet by Mike and Kim


Semba duet by Mike and Gloria

Samba Level 1, featuring George , Shanna, Noreen, Stephanie, and Kathy

Samba solo by Calli

Samba jazz solo by Sofia

Rainbow Jazz solo by Jasmine

Madya, Bellydance level 1, featuring Emily, Jeannine, Jamie, Noreen, Shanna, Shayla and Sheela


Samba solo by Brittany

Jungle jazz featuring Ana Carolina, Maria and Erica

Bellydance solo Shanna

Pittsburgh Samba Group featuring Calli, Crystal, and Brittany

Bellydance solo by Emily

Samba solo by Cindy

Isis Wings, Bellydance Level 2, featuring Emily, Jeannine, Noreen, Shanna, Shayla and Sheela

Samba solo by Lucy

Fan veil bellydance solo by Jen

We would like to thank our incredibly hard working students and parents who bring so much joy to our lives!

Thank you for your love and support! – Jen and Lucy

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