Lil’ Dance Bugs

flyers 2018.jpgPerhaps you are familiar with our Butterfly Ballet & Bellydance class, a creative movement class that incorporates dance technique into a fun and imaginative setting. Well, we have expanded this concept to all of our tiny dancer classes. We are proud to introduce the Lil Dance Bugs Program at Art in Motion PGH!

For our tiniest dancers, we have created a program incorporating dance technique and creative movement into a fun and nurturing environment for boys and girls.

We will foster your child’s imagination and love of dance while giving them an outlet for their own creativity and joy!  We can’t wait to see you in class!

Our program includes the following classes:

  • Butterfly Ballet & Bellydance
  • Bumble Bee Ballet
  • Lil’ Lightening Latin Jazz
  • Cute-erpillar Toddler Class
  • Lil’ Hoppers Tap & Jazz

Why bugs you may ask? Bugs and insects are heroes! Even though they are very, very tiny, they are extremely important in this world as they produce honey, wax, and silk.  They also pollinate flowers and crops. Yes, bugs are so very important to us, just like children.

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