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Free Try-It Day: Valentine’s Week Edition

Free try it daysTreat yourself this Valentine’s week with a FREE class for yourself and your loved ones.

Movement & Flow Technique (Feb 11th @ 6:30pm) & Wellness for Dance (Feb 12th @ 5pm) are free for Adult Dancers of any skill level. 

Give yourself the gift of dance and join us in the studio!

Movement & Flow Technique! This class explores classical forms of ballet and modern dance to build a technical foundation for movement. Participants increase somatic understanding through meditation and conditioning, while also exercising the mind with challenging movement combinations. This class helps to increase strength, balance, focus, and flexibility through a groovy, medium-impact training method. *This adult class is highly recreational; no experience required!

Wellness for Dance with Tricia is a class that combines practices of yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy to both strengthen and stretch the body. Wellness for dance purposefully restores the body for the continuation of movement practices

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