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Figure 8 Juggling Workshop

April and weekly-20Workshop for Basic Figure 8 Juggling with Erin

Saturday, July 10th @ 12- 1pm

Juggling is a great skill for improving hand/eye coordination, reflexes, spatial awareness and concentration.  It also aids in hand and arm strength, and when your skills improve, it is an aerobic activity.  This is an easy and entertaining skill for children and adults to learn when broken down into steps.  There is also some research that indicates that juggling accelerates the growth of neural connections in the brain.  (Something we can all use!)

The basic figure 8 pattern for juggling can be broken down into about 7 simple steps.  The mastery of these steps is necessary for accomplishing and maintaining any juggling pattern.  With time and practice, there are a multitude of variations to add to juggling skills as well as using different items; scarves, hoops, clubs, etc.

Price: $18 in advance or $20 at the door. This workshop is open to children and adults with bean bags for borrowing, or if you fall in love with juggling, for sale at $5 per set.

About Erin: Erin Simon, BFA, MEd, LLCC has been a massage therapist since 1992.  She has an extensive background in dance and education, and knows the importance of keeping alive all parts of the mind and body through continual learning and growth.  Over the years she has taught juggling to children at summer camps, special education in the public schools, and many styles of dance and basic hooping to adults.  Erin’s goal is to inspire a life long desire for health, fitness and learning while having fun.

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