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Saturdays with Simon!

On Saturdays, we dance with Simon!

Join us for Tap, Hip Hop and Movement & Flow!

  • 10am – Tap dance kids, ages 6 and up
  • 11am – Hip hop kids, ages 6 and up
  • 12pm – Movement & Flow for Adults
  • 1pm- Adult Hip Hop (bimonthly)


Children’s Tap and Jazz ages 6 & up. This class will build the foundation of both tap and traditional jazz. A fun class to learn the basics of jazz along with tap technique and musicality. Early exposure to the musical patterns and unique mind-to-foot connection associated with tap & jazz dancing will allow students to recognize tempo & build off of the basic rhythms to more intricate movements and coordination.

Hip Hop Saturdays with Simon ages 6 and up. Explore the rhythmic body in this upbeat fusion of house and African dance. Full of playful exercises that move body and mind, this hip class encourages individuality in coolness. No experience required, just a good attitude, boys and girls welcome.

Movement & Flow! This class explores sensation in the range our bodies and external forces of the environment. Participants increase holistic understanding of dance through movement meditation and conditioning. We also exercise the mind with thought provoking and energizing movement sequences. This class inspires creativity, strength, balance, focus, and flexibility through groovy, adaptive dance! *This adult class is highly recreational; no experience required!Register by dropping us a line at

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