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Zouk 412

We would like to welcome Zouk 412 to Art in Motion Pittsburgh Wednesday at 8 pm and 9pm.

ABOUT ZOUK 412: Connection, Expression, Freedom, and Flow

Zouk 412 was created out of a love for the beautiful dance that is Brazilian Zouk. It was founded in June, 2021 with the intent to enhance the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) dance community through introduction, education, and promotion of Brazilian Zouk, its associated movement styles, and culture. We aim to provide a safe, inclusive space where participants can come together to learn, grow, and connect with each other through Zouk. 

First and foremost, we are a community. People from all backgrounds, genres, and levels are welcome. Zouk itself is a fusion of dance that combines many other styles and techniques to foster connection, freedom, and expression. We want to promote that connection through instruction, discussion, education, practicas, classes, workshops, community activities, and more. This is a safe space to learn and grow together. 

Foundations of Brazilian Zouk 
Wednesdays at 8:00pm EST

Cost: $75 for the 6-week series (recommended) or $15 per class

This six-week progressive class will introduce students to the world of Brazilian Zouk partner dancing; focusing on foundational concepts, movement patterns, and techniques for both leads and follows. Classes will incorporate warm-ups, footwork, movement exercises, and partner work to give students tools they can use on the dance floor or when practicing at home. Each week will build upon material from the previous week(s), so students are highly encouraged to start with week 1.

Students can expect to learn base concepts such as connection, timing, and body mechanics, as well as basic patterns such as passo básico, viradinha, lateral, soltinho, abertura, piâo, bonus, and more.

Brazilian Zouk Special Topics
Wednesdays at 9:00pm EST

Cost: $75 for a 6-class card or $15 per class
Prerequisites:Completion of the Foundations course or equivalent knowledge and instructor approval

This drop-in friendly class will focus on going deeper into concepts, techniques, methodology, and patterns of Brazilian Zouk. Each week we will focus on a different idea or concept (which may also build upon content from previous weeks). Topics may include connection, elasticity, pattern variations, head movement, fluidity, grounding and levels, body movement, styling, and more. 

Student Registration:
New students will need to complete a one-time online waiver and registration form, per policy of Art in Motion Pittsburgh Dance Studio. Students should check the box for “Other”  and enter the desired Zouk class(es) when registering.

Payment Methods:

-Venmo or PayPal: @NCasanta

– Zelle: Nicole Casanta

– Cash

– Online through > Classes and Instruction (secure through Square)

Meet Nicole!

MEET NICOLE: Nicole Casanta began her dance journey later in life, discovering partner dance in 2016 when friends convinced her to join them at a ballroom dance social. Friendly people and the inherent joy she experienced that first night had her hooked. She dove head-first into ballroom dancing, training 5-6 days a week with Christopher Roth of Steel City Ballroom and later continuing her training with Amanda Wolf. In 2017 Nicole expanded her repertoire to include Salsa and Bachata, training with Agustin Garcia of Los Sabrosos Dance Company and joining several studio performance teams. 

While attending as a performer at the Baltimore Salsa Bachata Congress in 2019, Nicole stumbled upon Brazilian Zouk. What started as wide-eyed curiosity quickly became an insatiable passion. Nicole soon began focusing almost exclusively on Zouk, traveling to congresses and events and training with some of the top U.S. and international instructors in the world – including Sydney Schiff, the Ramalhos, Linda & Pedrinho, Tiffany & Alanna, Marc Brewer, Bruno & Raiza, and many others. From daily online classes during the pandemic to live-in instructor training, Nicole continues to seek out opportunities for continual growth for her students and herself.  

Recognizing the importance of cross-training, Nicole continues to train in Salsa, Bachata, various ballroom dances, and other movement styles. She also founded Zouk 412 in June, 2021 to promote Zouk in Pittsburgh, focusing on community growth and learning opportunities through connection, expression, and inclusivity. Nicole firmly believes that dance is accessible to everyone. “If I can do it, anyone can!”

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