ELFZA Zouk Flow Academy

ELFZA Zouk Flow Academy

We would like to welcome ELFZA Zouk Flow Academy to Art in Motion Pittsburgh this Wednesday, June 8th at 8pm!


Evolución Latina Zouk Flow Academy is a technique-based training program for Brazilian Zouk social dancing, performance, and competition. This is the first Brazilian Zouk training program to apply the pedagogical methodology of Evolución Latina Dance Company, a world class educational organization founded by former ballet dancer and World Champion Jose Serrano. This program also features a Brazilian Zouk syllabus for both Follows and Leads created by Sydney Schiff, a classically-trained professional contemporary dancer, choreographer, and scholar, who studied Brazilian Zouk dancing and culture for her graduate research at the University of Michigan and beyond.

All ELZFA classes begin with a ballet-based warm up crafted to support Brazilian Zouk musicality and body movement, Zouk syllabus footwork, and styling. We then train partnerwork for social dancing and offer choreographies for performance and competition (though performing/competing is not mandatory). 

There is something for everyone, whether absolute beginner or seasoned pro, so don’t miss this opportunity to see how we can be a part of your Zouk journey. 

Sydney Schiff personally trains each Academy director and supports them in their continued education to make sure you receive world class training, choreographies, and event opportunities wherever you are.

DROP-IN CLASS FORMAT (June/July 2022):

Each drop-in class will cover different topics and patterns for Brazilian Zouk. Classes consist of the following.

  • A three song warm-up (10-15 min.) that includes isolations, body movement, cardio, and Brazilian Zouk footwork.
  • Dance movement training and exercises that will align with the topic of the day. 
    • Ex: we may practice ‘gingerbread’ turns in preparation for Bonus/Boomerang.
  • Brazilian Zouk movements and footwork patterns for both leads and follows. 
    • These will differ for each drop-in session, but may build on previous skills to help you grow your repertoire.
  • Partner work – i.e. putting the movements together.
  • A short Practica to practice and receive feedback in a safe, supportive environment.

TRADITIONAL CLASS FORMAT (August-November 2022):

Formal academy classes are more intensive, focusing on dedicated training and building upon the previous class’s concepts to promote rapid growth in both solo dance technique and Brazilian Zouk. A traditional class format includes:

  • A 35-minute intensive dance-focused workout that includes isolations, body movement, cardio, ballet, core work, stretching, and flexibility training.
  • Dance movement training and ‘across the floor’ exercises that will include ballet, contemporary, floorwork, and movements that support Brazilian Zouk technique.
  • Brazilian Zouk Lead and Follow Syllabus training.
    • Syllabus steps will build each week.
    • Students will be expected to learn both syllabi, as movements and patterns in each apply to Zouk regardless of the student’s traditional chosen role.
  • Short combos and/or choreographies that will help solidify syllabus patterns and promote versatility of pattern combinations.

Opportunities for additional trainings, events, weekenders, and more will be available to Academy students throughout the year. We will also host community events and opportunities for students to connect outside of class. After all – Brazilian Zouk is about connection!

Curious what ELDC Zouk Flow is all about, but not sure you want to commit? Join us for a month of drop-in classes designed to give you a taste of what ELDC Zouk Flow academy has to offer. 

COST: $20 for the two-hour class. Cost for full academy classes will be $100/month.

* Wear black dance attire (leggings, fitted tops, etc.) so that we can see the lines of your body when you are dancing. No jeans or baggy sweats please.
* Bring dance shoes – preferably ballet or jazz shoes if you have them.
* Bring water

Meet Nicole!

MEET NICOLE: Nicole Casanta began her dance journey later in life, discovering partner dance in 2016 when friends convinced her to join them at a ballroom dance social. Friendly people and the inherent joy she experienced that first night had her hooked. She dove head-first into ballroom dancing, training 5-6 days a week with Christopher Roth of Steel City Ballroom and later continuing her training with Amanda Wolf. In 2017 Nicole expanded her repertoire to include Salsa and Bachata, training with Agustin Garcia of Los Sabrosos Dance Company and joining several studio performance teams. 

While attending as a performer at the Baltimore Salsa Bachata Congress in 2019, Nicole stumbled upon Brazilian Zouk. What started as wide-eyed curiosity quickly became an insatiable passion. Nicole soon began focusing almost exclusively on Zouk, traveling to congresses and events and training with some of the top U.S. and international instructors in the world – including Sydney Schiff, the Ramalhos, Linda & Pedrinho, Tiffany & Alanna, Marc Brewer, Bruno & Raiza, and many others. From daily online classes during the pandemic to live-in instructor training, Nicole continues to seek out opportunities for continual growth for her students and herself.  

Recognizing the importance of cross-training, Nicole continues to train in Salsa, Bachata, various ballroom dances, and other movement styles. She also founded Zouk 412 in June, 2021 to promote Zouk in Pittsburgh, focusing on community growth and learning opportunities through connection, expression, and inclusivity. Nicole firmly believes that dance is accessible to everyone. “If I can do it, anyone can!”

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