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Musical Theater Jazz

Bring out Your Inner Broadway with our Musical Theater Jazz Classes!

Join us Wednesday, October 19th for an evening of FREE Musical Theater Jazz Classes for kids and adults! 

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  • 5pm Kids Musical Theater Jazz
  • 6pm Adults Musical Theater Jazz 

Adult Musical Theatre Jazz: Ever dreamed of dancing on Broadway? Love singing along to your favorite musicals? Maybe you don’t like musicals but can’t resist moving your feet to the beat. Whatever the feeling, this class will transport you to the stage with the art of theatre jazz. This is an all-levels jazz class with a theatre twist. Learn the basics of jazz, stage movement, and performance through fun combinations to your favorite musical hits! No experience, singing, or acting required! 

Kids’ Musical Theatre Jazz: Students will learn the basics of stage movement, jazz, and performance in this fun jazz class with a focus on musical theatre. This class features games, short combinations, and technique exercises that all work together to build confidence and allow for personal expression. Students will be transported to the Broadway stage as they boogie to age-appropriate show tunes and truly become the star of the show! No experience, singing, or acting required! 

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