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2023 Summer Recital Program

Welcome to Art in Motion’s 2023 Summer Recital.

We are so happy that you can share this special day with us. We are incredibly grateful for your support, your kindness and your energy.

Before I begin I would like to thank our amazing teachers who have worked so hard each week, sharing their love of dance with our students.

Big thanks to all of our students, our kiddos and adults, who are bravely stepping out to strut their stuff!

Many thanks go out to all my helpers today. I could not do this without you! Thank you for running music, Greg. Thank you for working the door, Bailey and Leah. Thank you for wrangling students and costume changes, Alexa, Carolyn, Tricia, Simon, Cindy, Jacqueline, Bailey, and Shanna. Thank you to Shanna and Bailey for working through costume adjustments with me! And thank you to everyone watching today…you make us feel like dancing!

And now for the show! Each set is between 25-30 minutes with an interactive demo embedded into each. We have a raffle for original art works and we will take dancer photo packages during intermissions and after the show. Please come on down and join us or dance in your seat 

Sunrise. Act 1

Hip Hop: Rhythm and Power choreography by Simon with Matt, Dana, Shanna, Michelle, and Bailey. Music: Energy by Beyoncé  and Sweet Bounce by Stefflon Don

Butterflies & Ladybugs choreography by Jacqueline and Bailey with Maggie, Hazel, Evelyn, Juniper, Cheyenne, Naya, Cameron, Zoraya, Michelle, Zoe, Connor, and Saoirse. Music: Fly to Your Heart

Kids Ballet & Jazz – choreography by Simon with Isabella and Poppy May. Music: Flowers by Miley Cyrus

Musical Theater Jazz Kids choreography by Jacqueline with Pierce. Music: Crocodile Rock by Elton John

Musical Theater Jazz Adults– choreography by Jacqueline with Lisa, Shanna, Laura, Claire, Kelly, and Bailey. Music: Holding out for a Hero by Bonnie Taylor

Ballet Kids– choreography by Tricia with Madeline, Jade, Isabella, Elona, Camille, Isabelle, Samantha, and Olivia. Music: A Whole New World

Hoop Flow and Demo – choreography by Bailey with Simon, Kayla and Shanna. Music: Captive and Beats Antique

High Noon. Act 2

Adult Tap 1 – choreography by Cindy with Carolyn, Olivia, Jen, Shanna, Jackie, Elaina, Cynthia, Alexa, Simon, Claire, Jacqueline, and Amara. Music: Good to Go by Lonis

Bellydance & Jazz Kids 1 choreography by Jen with Isabella, Marcella, Mila, Rowan, Olivia, Poppy May, Presley, Maggie, Maddie, and Jocelyn. Music Fuego by Bond

Modern: Movement & Flow– led by Simon with Shanna, Michelle, Kathryn, and Bailey. Music: Problemz by Jungle

Bellydance 1 choreography by Jen with Bailey, Jacqueline, Jeannine, Kayla, Lauren, and Shanna. Music Quest for the Oracle by Paul Dinletir

Kids Hip Hop– choreography by Simon with Poppy May, Isabella, Sofia, Maida, Alessio, Nozomi, Satomi, and Kenna. Music: Dynamite by Taio Cruz

Mother Daughter Duet by Jen & Isabella with lots of friends! Music: We Found Love by Rihanna

Sunset. Act 3

Bellydance & Jazz Kids 2 led by Jen with Maddie, Maggie & Jocelyn and surprise guests. Music: Sallam Allay & Verdadera Pasion

Kids Jazz & Acro led by Tricia with Elona, Jade, Isabella, Samantha, and Greta. Music: Walk like an Egyptian by The Bangles

Tap 2– choreography by Cindy with Christine, Alexa, Courtney, Lexie, Elaina, Leigh, Rachael, Cynthia, Sabrina, Alexis, Alyssa and Jenny. Music: Move by brb

Bellydance Troupe Faraatha– choreography by Jen with Bailey, Jeannine, Kayla, and Shanna. Music: Hazihi Laylati by Omar Khorshid

Kids Tap and demonstration led by Simon with Isabella, Sam and Poppy. Music: Funny Thing by Thundercat

FINALE – Performers and family come on down for a big studio photo! Join us and take a final bow!

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