Art in Motion Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of international dance forms along with traditional forms of Western dance. Scroll down to see our schedule and class descriptions. 

Schedule beginning in January 2017

Monday Youth Classes (Beginning September 2017)

  • 6-7 pm Introduction to Bellydance, ages 5-9

Monday Adult Classes 

  • 6-7 pm Introduction to Tahitian Dance
  • 7-8 pm Bellydance Level two, adults – combos and choreography
  • 8-9 pm Bellydance Level one, adults – technique and training


  • 9 am- Latin Fusion Fitness with Lucy (by appointment)

Wednesday Youth Classes 

  • 5:00pm – 5:45 pm, ages 3-5  Intro to ballet, jazz technique
  • 5:45pm – 6:30 pm, ages 6-8  Intro to ballet, jazz technique

Wednesday Adult Classes

  • 6 pm- Samba level 1
  • 7 pm – Samba level 2
  • 8 pm – Forro


  • 9 am- Latin Fusion Fitness with Lucy (by appointment)


  • Special events, TBD

Saturday Adults

  • 10 am Bellydance Basics, all levels (Main room)
  • 11 am Bellydance Level two, adults – combos and choreography
  • 12 pm World Dance Workout: Strength training for dancers (or anyone who wants to work!)
  • 1pm Samba fitness adults- July & August 2017 no classes on Saturday
  • 2pm Samba group practice (invite only) – July & August 2017 no classes on Saturday

Saturday Youth Classes- July 2017 & August no classes on Saturday

  • 10 am Samba Belly Jazz, ages 3-5 (Front room)
  • 11 am Samba Belly Jazz, ages 5-7 (Front room)
  • 12 pm Samba Belly Jazz, ages 8-12


  • available for private intensives and rentals

Class Descriptions


Adult Bellydance, Mondays 6-8pm and Saturdays 10am-12pm: Art in Motion PGH offers a comprehensive training program for amateur and aspiring professional bellydancers. The class program includes flexibility and strength training, toning, head to toe technique, combinations and choreography. Classes also include training in musicality, interpretation, improvisation, and performance skills. Prop classes include single and double veil, wings, cane, zills, and fan veils. We strive to offer high quality instruction and to create beautiful dancers. Students are encouraged to participate in biannual showcase performance opportunities.


Brazilian fitness, Saturday, 1pm,  is a mix of dance and fitness.  Shape and tone your legs, butt and abs while dancing to the simmering samba beat!
Children’s Jazz with Brazilian and Latin Rhythms, ages 3-4, Saturday, 10 am  : Students will learn the basics of the ballet, exploring the music and movement from different Brazilian rhythms . This class features jazz technique, choreographies, movement games, and an introduction to gymnastics
Children’s Jazz with Brazilian and Latin Rhythms, ages 5-7, Saturday, 11 am: Students will learn the basics of the ballet, exploring the music and movement from different Brazilian rhythms. This class features jazz and cabaret technique, choreographies, movement games, and an introduction to gymnastics

Brazilian Jazz Technique, ages 8-12, Saturday, 12 pm: In this class, we will work hard, refining our dance and stage performance skills. Let’s have fun and shake our body like Shakira ! -Brazilian Jazz technique -Choreography -introduction to gymnastics

Forró, Wednesday 8pm, the Brazilian ballroo dance of choice! Luciana, your instructor, will share her love of the Forro rhythm, and her classes will include leading and following steps, posture , stretching and musicality. Classes will start at October 2016 – 8 pm. Level: beginner, no partner is necessary. Price $ 50 per month (1 person)/ $ 15 single class (1 person), $ 85 For couple (month)/ $ 25 For couple ( single class )

Latin Fitness Fusion  Class is an electrifying dance mix – zumba spiced with fitness geared to people who don’t like the gym but want to sweat in a cozy class environment.
We will stretch and strengthen our bodies with ballet barre technique, burning calories dancing, meeting new friends, and invigorating our mornings
Starting in October of 2016, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 :00 -10:00 am,  $65 per month (2 classes per week)/ $13 drop ins


Each week this 1 hour lesson will introduce you to Semba – music and dance. We will help you build a solid foundation in Semba, and help you get more comfortable dancing semba socially. You’ll not only learn the fundamentals and technique of the dance, but we will also cover the music and culture behind the dance. If you already have experience dancing kizomba you will love Semba! *$60 per couple $45 individual $10 drop-in. Drop-ins not accepted after week 3

Introduction to Tahitian Dance

Introduction to Tahitian Dance. Explore the beautiful dance moves from the island of Tahiti! In this dance class we will cover traditional Tahitian hip movements and floor patterns that are used in the welcoming dance of Tahiti, the Tahitian Otea, not only will you learn these moves you will also learn how to correctly pronounce and understand the names for each of these key dance steps utilized to create Tahitian routines. This is a wonderful low impact workout that focuses on the isolation of the lower body while combining graceful arm movements.


Tap Fun! Love Tap Dance? Never tried it before, but always wanted to? Used to do it when you were young and would like to do it again? This class is for everyone! All levels are encouraged to attend. We will cover the basics, but can challenge what you already know. We will dance to all genres of music and add in a little cardio for good measure. Most of all, we will have FUN!

Strength Training for Dancers

This fitness class is designed to improve strength, conditioning, and flexibility. A dynamic combination inspired by world dance and integrated with HIT, bodyweight, strength training, and stretching, this class is ideal for dancers of all styles and anyone looking for a sweaty and spectacular workout. Dance experience not required. All fitness levels welcomed.

Glamour and Mystery of Chair Dance

Join us for a sexy, fun and exciting chair dance class for all women! (No experience required) Simple, yet elegant, Glamor boosts your confidence and self esteem while encouraging your discovery of movements that showcase your individual femininity. In a Glamor dance class we value the natural sensuality of each individual! Classes are practical, energetic and dynamic. Students learn simple and specialized exercises that, if practiced in daily life, bring significant positive changes in the routine of women, both in professional and private realms.