Our Classes

Art in Motion Pittsburgh and NYC based Zahiya Online bring YOU and YOUR loved ones a wide variety of international and traditional forms of Western dance and dance fitness in studio, online and in a robust video content library. Scroll down to see our schedule and class descriptions. 

Our classes are all offered online unless noted otherwise. Find your class and reserve your spot by clicking the button below!


  • 5 pm Butterfly Ballet & Bellydance 3-5- with Jen
  • 6 pm Bellydance 101: Drills, Zills and Veil- with Jen
  • 7 pm Bellydance adults 201: Layer and Level Up- with Emily
  • 8 pm Afro Dance all levels (November and December 2021)- Event by Afro Love PGH (This class is drop-in only, $12 by venmo to @ Melissa-Jenkins-Yamado)


  • 7 am Cardio Dance Fitness with Lisa (online only)
  • 4:45 pm – Acro ages 6 and up with Tricia
  • 5:30 pm – Ballet ages 6 and up with Tricia
  • 6:15 pm Jazz ages 6 and up with Tricia


  • 5 pm – Ladybug Lyrical ages 3-5, with Daniella
  • 6 pm – Ballet, ages 6 and up, with Daniella
  • 7 pm – Eclectic Eastern European Dancing, adults, with Daniella (monthly workshop)

Thursdays Tap classes are NOT available on zoom due to the nature of the competing sounds. Classes are in studio only.

  • 7 am Cardio Dance Fitness with Lisa (online only)
  • 5:00 pm Kids Tap ages 6 and up, with Simon
  • 5:45 pm Kids Hip Hop ages 6 and up, with Simon
  • 6:30 pm – Adult Tap 1- with Cindy
  • 7:30 pm – Adult Tap 2- with Cindy


  • 9 am High Impact Advanced Dance Cardio with Lisa (online only)
  • 5 pm- Bellydance & Jazz ages 6 and up- with Jen


  • 2pm – Modern: Movement & Flow for Adults, with Simon
  • 3pm- Hip Hop: Rhythm & Power with Simon


  • 11am Bellydance Brunch (Beginner adults)
  • available for private intensives and rentals

Class Descriptions


Bellydance 101 Mondays: Drills, Zills and Veil. Swishing veils, chiming finger cymbals and fluid movement and technique form the basis of a bellydancer’s repertoire. Bellydance 101 is perfect for adventurous beginners and intermediate/advanced dancers who want to increase body awareness through bellydance technique, conditioning, drills, and combinations. We will incorporate veils and zills (finger cymbals) into class. Don’t worry, we have loaners if you do not have a veil or set of zills!

Bellydance 201 Mondays: Layer and Level Up. Let’s layer and level up our basics! In this class we will work on drilling layered movements, shimmies, isolations and other techniques that can help us take our dance to the next level! We will also put all of these movements together into dynamic combos and choreography..

Level 1 and 2 classes include a short warm up and stretch, head to toe technique and conditioning, an explanation of what genre we will explore and its cultural/ historical roots, and short combinations that you can take home with you! We will often incorporate zills (finger cymbals) and veils; don’t worry, we have loaners! Class is suitable for ALL levels of experience. Modifications are always offered to accommodate each and every level of dancer. Monday night adult classes work together and students are encouraged to try both hours for the best bellydance experience. We can’t wait to dance with you!

Bellydance Brunch, Beginner Friendly. This class is designed for beginners, but is great for anyone wanting to strengthen and refine their belly dance basics. Class starts with a warm up and stretching, followed by explanations and drills of many belly dance postures and movements. We will also introduce props, discuss musicality and rhythms, and combine our basic movements into dynamic combinations! This social dance is welcoming of all experience and fitness levels. We can’t wait to dance with you!

Youth Bellydance Classes

Bellydance & Jazz:  ages 6 & up with Jen Students will learn the basics of bellydance exploring music, movement and rhythms with fun props like finger cymbals, veils and more. This age appropriate class features bellydance and ballet/jazz technique, choreographies, movement games, and an introduction to zilling (finger cymbals).

Butterfly Ballet, Jazz and Bellydance, ages 3-5 with Jen.  In this creative movement class, our young students will learn the basics of ballet, jazz, and bellydance exploring music, movement and rhythms in creative, whimsical ways. We use many props in this class…tutus, fairy wings, veils, finger cymbals, and fans in order to express the joy of dance and movement! This age appropriate class features bellydance and ballet technique, combinations, movement games, and an introduction to rhythms.

Tap Dance

Beginner Tap Dance for Adults with Cindy. Love music? Need to move? This is the class for you! In Tappin’ Technique (Level 1), we will learn the basics of tap dance, experience different rhythms and throw in a little cardio just for good measure. Whether you have danced before or have always wanted to learn, you will be challenged in this class. If you don’t have tap shoes when the class starts, bring hard soled shoes (not sneakers) to dance in.

Tap Level 2, Choreo and Combos is a stand alone class and is geared to the intermediate to advanced tapper. For an added challenge, take both hours as this class builds on Tappin’ Technique and take sit to another level.

Children’s Tap and Jazz ages 6 & up This class will build the foundation of both tap and traditional jazz. A fun class to learn the basics of jazz along with tap technique and musicality. Early exposure to the musical patterns and unique mind-to-foot connection associated with tap & jazz dancing will allow students to recognize tempo & build off of the basic rhythms to more intricate movements and coordination.

Ballet, Acro & Jazz

Modern: Movement & Flow! This class explores sensation in the range of our bodies and forces of the environment. Participants enhance physicality through creative movement meditation and conditioning. We also exercise the mind with energizing and thought provoking ideas for movement phrases. This class challenges strength, endurance, flexibility, and mindfulness through smooth flowing, adaptive dance! *This adult class is highly recreational; no experience required!

Acro dance, or just acro, for ages 6 & up, is a style of dance that combines classical ballet technique with fluid acrobatic movements. Acro dance helps students to increase their strength, control and flexibility. Beginners are welcome and modifications will be made for individual skill levels. Acro dance class combines well with our Ballet and Jazz class on the same night! Begins September 2021!

Our Children’s Ballet class for ages 6 & up strives to teach the fundamental building blocks of training in Classical Ballet. In this class, we use fun and creative exercises while also introducing the basic vocabulary of ballet. Dancers are introduced to alignment, flexibility, and coordination as a way of furthering their dance. This training develops a strong foundation of physical and mental understanding necessary for Classical Ballet training. Fun, creative elements such as stories, games and other imaginative activities keep exciting pace of the class lively and engaging.

Children’s Jazz, ages 6 & up. Students will learn Jazz technique including turns, kicks and leaps while exploring modern and traditional music and rhythms. This class features jazz technique, choreographies, and movement games featuring trendy dance steps used for many forms of dance. Begins September 2021!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop with Simon ages 6 and up. Explore the rhythmic body in this upbeat fusion of house and African dance. Full of playful exercises that move body and mind, this hip class encourages individuality in coolness. No experience required, just a good attitude, boys and girls welcome.

Hip Hop: Rhythm & Power Adults with Simon, Feel the pulse of music and your heart as we exercise rhythmic movements of the full body.  This aerobic class is great fun for all, regardless of level or ability. Join the party in promoting holistic wellbeing by learning basic hip hop steps, exploring rhythms, and embracing individual attitude! 

Eastern European Dance

Ladybug Lyrical and more, ages 3-5. In this creative movement class, our young students will learn the basics of ballet, jazz, and lyrical dance exploring music, movement and rhythms in creative, whimsical ways. We may use many props in this class…tutus, fairy wings, veils, finger cymbals, and fans in order to express the joy of dance and movement! This age appropriate class features classic ballet technique, combinations, movement games, and an introduction to rhythms. 

Eclectic Eastern European Dancing with Daniella, adults. In this distinctive class, adults will learn the basic fundamentals of classical dance training used in various traditional dances from many countries across Europe, including Serbia, Croatia, Russia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Greece, and more! Students will receive firsthand knowledge of eastern european cultures, customs, and costumes, along with stretching, conditioning and classical ballet and dance technique!! This class can be adjusted to fit the experience levels of any age student and is guaranteed to lift your spirits!

Safe Space Sunday

What is Safe Space Sunday? It is a time to bring together people of all ages in community to explore mental wellness through creative expression and movement guided by Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Therapist, and Art In Motion Instructor Bailey Zembower Borrow.

Each 2 hour Space will include a hands on creative activity and guided movement using yoga, dance, and flow arts to express ourselves all centered on a theme for mental wellness with room for discussion and Q&A throughout. Did you know activities such as art, music, dance, and yoga are linked to positive psychological characteristics including happiness, gratitude, and optimism? Join us for a safe space to freely express yourself, at home at Art In Motion!