Beautiful bellydance!

With its origins in social dance, bellydance is one of the oldest dance forms in the world. Featuring movements that complement and enhance a woman’s, states, “Belly dancing is natural to a woman’s bone and muscle structure with movements emanating from the torso rather than in the legs and feet. The dance often focuses … More Beautiful bellydance!

Art in Motion PGH at Open Streets Sharpsburg

On Saturday, June 10, Art in Motion Pittsburgh joined dozens of local organizations and businesses for six blocks of free, family-friendly fun along Main Street! Main Streets was closed to motor vehicles from 6th Street to Station Street, including the first block of North Canal Street off of Main, so that residents and visitors could enjoy … More Art in Motion PGH at Open Streets Sharpsburg

Why I dance…thoughts for the new year…

Why I dance? A guest blog post by Noreen… Hi. My name’s Noreen and probably the last person you would think who would be studying bellydance. I’ve never taken other dance classes, never played any competitive sports, and I’m not at all outgoing. Small talk makes me uncomfortable, eye contact can be too intense for me … More Why I dance…thoughts for the new year…

Our youth classes

Art in Motion Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of classes for children and youth ages 3 and up! Our classes introduce solid technique and age appropriate skills in a fun and exciting learning environment. Register now for September!

September 2016

In September 2016, Luciana will be offering Zouk classes! Zouk Is a fast jump-up carnival beat originating from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, popularized by the French Antillean band Kassav’ in the 1980s. Very rapid in tempo, the style lost ground in the 1980s due to the strong presence of kadans or compas, the main music of the French Antilles. Today, zouk is … More September 2016