About Tango

tango-kickArgentine Tango is a social dance that was birthed in Buenos Aires and has developed over the last century by tango enthusiasts worldwide. Tango has been popularized by the media through staged tango, however in its purest form, Argentine tango is an interpretive, improvisational social dance that allows the dancers to develop a deep connection with themselves and each other. Tango is a powerful dance form that transports its dancers through its beautiful, romantic, playful, dramatic, sensual and elegant music and figures. Argentine tango is a constantly evolving dance which is danced socially in almost all major cities around the world, including all major cities and towns in the United States.

Intimate, dramatic, playful, meditative, improvisational, and romantic. This is Argentine Tango. An intimate conversation through the body, a warm embrace, a game of endless combinations, an obsession. Tango is partnership embodied. Tango speaks of the ways in which we long to connect, calling for us to breathe with each other, to endlessly spiral around one another, to disconnect and reconnect, to be aware of every moment and every cell in our body, to center ourselves so we can be open to listening and communicating the depths of our emotions.

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