Art in Motion Dance Studio is a judgement free and very welcoming dance environment where you can discover the dancer in you. I love that they teach many different styles of dance. You not only learn the moves but the history/culture behind them as well. The cost is so very affordable. There is something for everyone here.😀” – Michelle

“I never thought I would be a dance mom… It just didn’t seem like my thing… But these teachers, I fell in love with the studio and the fact that my daughter’s confidence increased significantly. Every week we have FUN!

Everyone at the studio is SO NICE. They are kind and accepting of everyone – graceful or clumsy, young or old, big or little. My daughter (who is 6) has learned so much. The price is great for the individual attention my little one receives. We were so lucky to find Art In Motion!

I am happy to say I have a little dancer and every week, I am a dance mom (and the other moms there are great, too)!” – Melissa P.

I dance at Art in Motion because there is a community among the dancers. From the teachers to students we work together. You can see the community when we have recitals with the students helping adjust each other’s costumes or touching up our makeup. In class we hold each other up and laugh with each other.

As a member of the student belly dance group we are a family. When one of us is feeling low we try to help them feel better or just listen to them vent. When a new person joins us, we accept them with open arms and teach them our stand by choreographies.

Overall I attend classes at Art In Motion because it is an accepting and loving environment that focuses on nurturing the students mind body and soul. – Shanna 

“Art in Motion is a wonderful place for dance classes! Very family oriented with kind, professional, and personable instructors who really care about their students! Parents and guardians have an opportunity to take their own classes while their child dances. Furthermore, I don’t think you’ll find a wider variety of international dances that are this accessible (not competitive or exclusive to highly experienced dancers) in the Western PA! I fell in love with Brazilian samba dance because of this studio, and I look forward to classes every week!” – Iffie U.

“Luciana and Jen are fantastic people and teachers. They have an amazing way with children. They are both moms so that comes from real life experience. Their classes are fun and engaging and the studio is always creating new events to engage their students. Luciana has a very solid background as both a performer and dance teacher. I have taken a few classes from her while visiting Pittsburgh and I love it. My son has tried the kids class too and he loved it! Too bad we don’t live there but we look forward to visiting them every time we are in the city!” – Romana S.

“The atmosphere is great! Everyone was very welcoming and willing to help me learn when I started taking Samba classes in April 2018. I would recommend the Samba classes to all ages and skill levels!” – Kathleen N.

“We love Art in Motion! All of it: the instructors, the environment, the families! My daughter enjoys every moment of her class. It is an awesome place to go!” – Michelle B.


“Art in Motion is where World Dance meets Pittsburgh. It is a great place to learn how to dance, while actively taking part in the global community. At Art In Motion. Classes were insightful, energetic, and fun. Every class taken you are met at your level of dance and encouraged to find the star within and applause when it shines bright.” – Crystal D.


“…The instructor also has young children in the programs, so you know the creativity to keep things fresh is there. My family loves Art In Motion Sharpsburg and won’t be going anywhere else soon!”– David P.


“Art in motion is such a great place to dance! Love all the instructors! It’s an encouraging environment and so open and welcoming no matter if you just started dancing or have been dancing your whole life. Can’t wait to try out some of the other adult classes that are offered! Would highly recommend checking out Art in Motion Pittsburgh!” – Carol A.


“What a phenomenal experience!! Nothing to be intimidated by, at all. This group of people are fabulous. I was in Jen’s class, and she is a wonderful, patient teacher. She walks you through each step, cheering you on the whole time! I will be a belly dancer in no time!” – Ines B.


“I love this studio!! I’ve been taking adult samba and sambaton and the classes are challenging but FUN and the environment is so welcoming! I feel very much at home here.” – Kelsey J.


“I’ve been dancing for 20+ years and started taking Samba classes at Art in Motion in April 2018. The atmosphere is fantastic as everyone is very welcoming and willing to help you learn (this dance style was new for me). I would recommend the Samba classes to all ages and skill levels! I’m so glad I started taking classes here regularly  😊” – Kathleen S.


“We love this place! My 3 year old daughter has been taking dance classes for almost one year now at Art in Motion Pittsburgh, and it was for sure our better choice. Teachers are really prepared, and respect everyone’s time and limits. My daughter feels so good about her classes, that now I even started taking classes myself. And I so recommend it!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️” – Helen M.